The New Green New Deal

As of the date of this writing, some elements may already be accomplished or in the process of being accomplished and not yet revealed.

Following are immediate improvements that can be made in America that are realistic, sustainable and provide immediate results; these items will either pay for themselves through re purposing funds and trimming existing budgets or the savings by implementation will lower the overall costs.
Global Warming also known as natural climate change is a geological event that has been occurring on and off for thousands of years.The Global Warming argument is moot. Global Warming is a political boondoggle.
What is important is the “New Green” in America and American bank accounts. To that end this plan is devised as outline or as a general Go By as to what would, from research and understanding, best benefit America and Americans.

Specifically Addresses-

Immigration- entry allowed via merit system and legal entry.
Financial- notes outlining what is permissible with taxpayer money
Energy- utilizing suppressed technology
Environment- incentives and education
Economy- for best results implement NESARA
Food/Agriculture- Penalize GMOs and pesticide usage. Localize food growing and production.
Reduce burdens on small farmers
Infrastructure – from the winnings make improvements
National concerns- things that are important to our Nation.
Security- small steps to insure our communities and citizens are safe
Americans- notes on Americans
Big Business- too big to stay in business
Marginalized- regardless who or their sexual orientation or life circumstances is an American FIRST.
Noblesse Oblige Encourage and allow
Government Integrity Tips for Better Representation
Constitution- most important of all
Education- notes for improving Education
Medical- notes on Medical issues

" Details, Statistics, Links and Breakdown of Costs is Available Upon Request Asterisks indicate where money may be saved or earned or recovered. Where possible and appropriate, taxpayer funds recovered from the audits by the Office of the Inspector General maybe used as incentives or for implementation. This is to certify that this NEW GREEN NEW DEAL will essentially pay for itself.

Implement the National Economic Stabilization and Restoration Act

FINANCIAL- no more too big to fail
A. Prosecute those involved in the credit swap debacle and subsequent money grabs of         American Taxpayer money.
B. No more bailouts of any commercial business using non shareholder or taxpayer              money.
C. Government officials, Corporations and individuals that have fleeced Americans and         Investors via Ponzi schemes and bail ins will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of             the law; their assets seized as recompense delivered to the victims of their fraud.
D. NO TAXPAYER MONEY for Presidential libraries, buildings or structures or                         monuments. That funding must come from those interested individuals.
E. No discounts on Public land or real estate to former Government officials for                    personal or private use.
F. Lands designated as Public lands shall forever be considered Public land and MAY            NOT be sold or commercialized or in any way seized or removed from the public              domain without first being voted on and agreed to by the affected Americans.

ENVIRONMENT- to clean the air land and water nationally; to participate in a global clean up. First review and trim or fortify existing environmental laws and guidelines.

A. Reveal suppressed existing unused and suppressed technology to clean land air and
     water *
B. Offer incentives- Auto makers, individuals, Corporations, States and Cities to clean           the environment.
C. Immediately close offending businesses as they know they are already in violation.
    Punish with high monetary penalties. No grace period. Reopen when/if sufficiently
D. Remediation destruction or renovation of real estate and buildings by owners at their
     expense to prepare Real Estate for new use.*
E. Previous buildings/structures must be repurposed or destroyed and removed before
    future construction by that company may begin new construction in same area.
F.  Incentives for rural sustainable development
G. Limit livestock operations to sustainable non chemical non drugged Per Square Foot
     herd sizes.*
H. Remove incentives for using pesticides in agriculture.*
I.   Insure crop rotation renutri-zation and fallow as needed *
J.  Where ever possible harness methane for common use. (landfill and waste water
     treatment facilities, agriculture, septic tanks etc) *
K. Require a percent of previously developed urban land to be UNdeveloped into green
     spaces. Land comes from donations, tax incentives, seizures and in kind trades.*
L. Open for public use the underground tunnels under America that were paid for using
     black budgets culled from Taxpayer funds. 

ENERGY- to identify and implement beneficial existing technology

A. Release unused and suppressed energy technology *
B. Provide incentives for immediate application of those technologies
C. Immediately utilize those technologies *

ECONOMY – to encourage economic growth

A. In short implement NESARA*
B. Revalue American currency to the Gold Standard *
C. Provide a “return” for stolen civil assets *
D. Implement a debt jubilee *
E. End the Federal Reserve *
F. Abolish the IRS *

FOOD/AGRICULTURE- to insure food and water safety and purity for all living things

A. Remove fluoride from all water in the US * (saves $375.000.000 a year)
B. Stiff legal penalties for use of pesticides in consumable agriculture *
C. Restore and empower food safety inspectors.
D. Insure clean meat processing via established clean field processing techniques
E. Incentivize local food grows and processing and production
F. Remove all GMOs and pesticides from the food chain.

TRANSPORTATION- to update and maximize current transportation while reducing emissions

A. Make local transportation via buses, subways and local trains free as a Public Utility. *
B. Release and utilize existing suppressed simple modifications that make existing                 vehicles have better fuel economy, less pollution and greater longevity. *
C. Require auto makers to reduce the number of cars they produce in the coming year         by the number of their previous years cars, that are stored in “car deserts”.
D. Require auto makers to identify remove, repurposed and give away all their                         excess inventory rotting in car deserts.
E.  Reduce or eliminate Gas taxes. *
F.  Open up our Strategic Reserves of Fuel to lower fuel prices. *
G. Incentivize Airline jet fuel futures purchases to allow for better fuel price economy. *
H. Encourage and develop the use of steam trains and steam technology. *
I.  Utilize unused and suppressed transportation technologies.
J.  Incentivize further transportation developments
K. Cross country Passenger trains must be immediately updated at the company’s                 expense or be fined and become a public utility.

INFRASTRUCTURE- to immediately update or remediate old electric WiFi water and natural gas delivery technology

A. Using the revenue from cannabis legalization build TESLA generators across                      America. 
B. Using the awards from successful prosecution of pharmaceutical companies, protect      our water supply and delivery. *
C. Using the seized assets of drug lords and pharmaceutical company lawsuits build up         border security.
D. As part of the Anti Trust award from successful prosecution of Facebook, GOOGLE,        CNN, Twitter and others- defendants must provide free anonymous WiFi access to all       Americans. *
E.  As part of the Anti Trust litigation the media defendants will provide community               access production studios for radio, television and podcasting; as well as yearly                 broadcast fees paid for 25 years or until newer technology becomes mainstream.
F.  Remediation of all power lines and poles / structures and buildings related to old             technology, (including power grids, oil refineries and natural gas processors) must be       removed remediated and destroyed or remediated to non toxic and repurposed by           the owners of the infrastructure.*
G. Disallow all wind turbines with extended fan blades.
H. All energy or power distribution structures must be complementary to the new                 technology.
I.  Old power or distribution structures that are non compliant within 10 years of the            new technology being implemented or will be closed and destroyed at the owner’s            expense.

National- generally…on the National level

A. As most people currently do not know what they are: Promote and Teach American   
    Values everywhere.
B. Legalize cannabis as recreational cannabis *
C. Make American products great again *
D. Encourage adoption by reducing the strict personal (age, income, etc) regulations
     making American viable families possible.
E. Incentivize two parent families.
F. Encourage inclusion of the elderly in family civic and local activities.
G. Make Home Ownership possible and financially safe
H. Debt jubilee on all home foreclosures created from the credit swap debacle

Security- how do we protect ourselves our families and our property

A. Empower the Second Amendment to the Constitution. *
B. Release and utilize unused and suppressed security technology
C. Free Gun ownership and gun safety classes for the general public
D. Free self defense classes for the general public
E. Registration of more than three high powered military style weapons in personal use
    ONLY. *
F. Completely destroy and demolish the Denver Colorado Airport: its grounds, campus        and extensive tunnel system underneath that is currently used for human trafficking.

AntiTrust- the AntiTrust laws are blatantly violated

A. Review trim and update existing AntiTrust laws. *
B. Due to anti American activities and numerous AntiTrust and RICO violations                      FaceBook, Twitter, GOOGLE, YouTube CNN BUZZFEED and other broadcast, cable          and online
    media corporations must be immediately closed. Allowing other smaller more                    trustworthy companies to replace them.*
C. No media company may own more than 10 TOTAL individual media outlets. None of
     those media outlets may be in the same media market. *
D. Empower Citizen journalists
E. Demand truth from journalists.
F. Close or defend ALL seditious mainstream media via high criminal fines seizures and
    penalties. *

Military- a strong military is vital to peace

A. Provide Americans with safe solid effective border security by land air and sea.
B. Keep doing what you guys are doing! #Q
C. Reduce the number of Government agencies recording and storing American citizens
D. Fund the Military.
E. Allow Americans to vote on American participation in War. *

Americans- return to Patriotism

A. Devise a way for Americans to give back. We ask “ what can we do for our country”
B. Encourage citizen journalists by creating new citizen accessible News and                          Information networks
C. Empower citizen whistle blowers to identify corrupt businesses and government              officials.
D. Incentivize Volunteering

Marginalized- infants children teens adults and elderly

A. Understand the difference between Homeless and Without a Home.
B. Understand that many many Americans are living in destitution due to bad                         government policies from years past. They are educated professionals that have               more expenses than resources. And therefore need monetary assistance to get back         on their feet. Not counseling. Monetary resources
C. Legally identify as a “child adolescent or teenager” any person under 18 years old; as
     such are not Adults and are not able to consent to any legal action without unbiased
     legal counsel.
D. Any person involved in abuse or trafficking of any human being gets a “fast trial” and
    “death penalty”.
E.  Make the American Human Abuse and Trafficking and organ trafficking laws and
     penalties the toughest in the world.
F.  Criminalize infanticide. Criminalize Johns of Child Prostitutes. Investigate and                   Prosecute any participants.
G. Federal and State law applies to ALL Americans -under two biological genders: male         or female. That identification is made by genital identification at birth. Sexual                     orientation is a private and personal matter and as such is no concern to the                     Government..
H. Under penalty of law NO PERSON shall intentionally mis-identify or obscure the
     biological gender of a child under the age of 16 for ANY purpose, either in physical
     appearance or mass promotion.

Nobleness Oblige- encourage and allow… don’t force

A. Encourage Nobleness Oblige by the very wealthy. *
B. Monitor the creation disbursement and intention of their gifts to the public.
C. Allow the very wealthy incentives to provide and equip learning centers vocational
     centers and Centers for Higher Thought *
D. Encourage the very wealthy to make available a small portion of their wealth to assist
     others to learn, be successful or be healthy *

Government integrity

A.  Honor the rule of law.
B.  Honor each other.
C.  Respect the senate, the house and the white house. You are tenets of our real estate.
D.  Respect each other- You lead in part by example
E.  Immediately remove all those Senators and Representative or any
     Government officials that have committed illegal acts or represent Socialist or                   Communist ideology as they are or will become seditious traitors.
F.  Release the underacted FISA info.
G. Release all information on known American traitors
H. Immediately remove and incarcerate any government official that has been
     convicted of a felony and not served jail time be it criminal or civil.
I.   Remove all unnecessary “middlemen” in government and civil service. *

Big Business- needs to be monitored. Some broken up.

A. Identify monopolies and very large companies.
B. Limit their growth to allow smaller unrelated startups greater opportunity. *
C. Break Up and media monopolies and redistribute their footprints to smaller closely           held independent organizations. *
D.  Immediately remove those CEOs and Executives that have been convicted or are
      charged with felony crimes.
E.  Immediately remove and charge with criminal penalties those involved in poisoning         our food and water. *
F.  Immediately close MONSANTO and other similar companies. Make those companies
     financially responsible to remediate and clean up their Real Estate. *
G. Discourage or disallow GMOs at every level of the American food chains. *
H. Immediately prosecute the makers and promoters of deadly opiate drugs.*

Constitution – there is nothing more important than knowing the Constitution

A. Create TV shows, radio shows print media and free open learning centers to discuss        and teach the American Constitution.
B. Reestablish and enforce the original 13th Amendment regarding Lawyers and
     Government employees being on foreign payrolls. Deport them all immediately as             they are traitors.
C. Teach and empower Bill of Rights and the Amendments
D. Begin a dialogue regarding an updated amended Constitution in a Constitutional

Education- everything we know is false based on what we now know.

A. Release the truth of our existence, our country and the Earth
B. Simply utilize and re-purpose existing schools *
C. Free fully staffed fully equipped lifetime learning centers everywhere.
D. Create staff and equip free lifetime learning vocational centers
E. Create staff and equip Discussion Centers to encourage higher thought
F. Debt jubilee on all student loan debt
G. Reestablish University curriculum to reflect the new truths and information released.
H. Citizen experts with a proven track record may be allowed to teach.
I.   Inform the public of the truth of cloning and other created beings, world geoscience       and the natural state of the Earth and Sky

Medical- promote wellness first via natural ways- food drink and activity

A. Promote alternative and new medical healing technology *
B. Release unused and suppressed medical technology *
C. Promote “own” stem cell fortification and healing *
D. Utilization of any human body part or product for medical use is STRICTLY                         REGULATED AND IDENTIFIED.
E.  Black market medical or parts providers or curators will receive the death penalty.
F.  Reduce legal insurance and financial burdens on effective Doctors, thus lowering             medical costs
G. Stop “grandfathering” secondary drugs fractured from an original approved drug *
H. Make the pharma drug testing process relevant and reliable again *
I.   Identify and Reduce and eliminate some of the number of pharmaceutical drugs on via their efficacy and disclaimer warnings.

The New Green New Deal

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