Aging Reversal is Reality!

Aging Reversal is a Reality!

I am qualified to write to you about aging, as I will turn 85 this year. I also have a degree in Biological Science, earned with life experience. I have been inventing things for the last 75 years. I’m best known for my aging reversal,
inch reducing, sculpturing body wraps. No, not the dehydration wraps were all you lose is your money. We, at Suddenly Slender, guarantee a 
visible, measurable loss of from 10 to 30 inches in your first visit. AND as the inches stay off very nicely that means we can wrap again and again and slim you, where you want to lose, tighten skin overall including where your shape is just fine and aesthetically move things around. Our current record is taking a woman down 10 dress sizes in just a couple of months. 

OK, move things around??? Let’s take the back of the upper thighs that have a tendency to sag, gravity is not your friend. We use 6″ ace type bandages saturated in a mineral solution that is safe enough to drink, and lift that excess back up into the butt (where it fell from), shape it into an appealing shape and then wrap tightly to reduce it and form a nice, hard body type derriere. Now that’s just one spot. How about the midriff where gravity has pulled bust tissue to drop into that area. If you take a good look at the front midriff you will see what looks like the shape of 2 small breasts. To handle this we lift this excess tissue up into the breast, wrap to lift, then shape it nicely and while we are at it our wrap automatically tightens skin, The bust can be trained to stay where it belongs.

There are many areas of the body that show the drop effect, the inner knee, the waistline, the chin, the ankles. We handle all of these and we must wrap the face, if we don’t wrap the face along with the body you end up (after a few wraps) looking like the big-headed dolls you see in the back of cars. It looks very silly, young body, old face or slim body, round face. We always wrap the face.
So . . . after doing over 17,000,000 wraps around the world over the last 51 years we know what we are doing. I invented this in 1969 after my 5th child was born. The previous 4 children my body went back in shape very quickly and I honestly had no sympathy for those who complained how hard it was to get their figure back. I learned that their problems were very real. I tried everything that wasn’t insane. I drew that line at the hot wax dips they were doing in Hollywood after a story came out about them burning someone. Fat and burned, I don’t think so! One of the last 
things I tried was a body wrap where I lost $25 and about 5 inches that showed up again after a day or so. I hated the way it left my skin, dry and rough but there was something about the concept I liked, probably that wraps could be applied to shape, not just draped over the body. I started experimenting and the 13th formula is the one we use to this day. 
When I hit 50 I got serious about aging reversal and have a lot of information to share with you all but bear in mind that is has to be safe, natural and if it’s too rough to put on a baby we don’t have it. 

(Victoria Morton and her team of bio scientists formulate and manufacture all-natural anti-aging and detoxification products. Her products are effective and affordable! I love them!! That’s why I wanted to feature Victoria and her company! Love ya!  Kate Publisher)


Victoria Morton

Aging Reversal is Reality!