Natural Menopause Reversal


In the not too distant past the average age of the first time bride was 22 years old. Generally, her first birth was about age 24.

Today many brides are postponing marriage until after age 35- after her career has been established and her life is under way. Combine that with the fact that many women are also choosing to be married one time; resulting in a wedding later in life, more thoughtful selection of a mate, marriage partners who have settled down, and a more planned engagement and defined marriage. As wedding plans may be delayed for some women, having children has as well. According to Sylvia Ann Hewitt author of “A Lesser Life: The Myth of Women’s Liberation in America” says that 55 percent of 35 year old professional women are childless; between a third and a half of 40 year old professional women are childless; the number of childless women 40 – 44 has doubled in the past 20 years. These numbers can be discouraging if you are one of many women over 40 that desire to have children. Doctors warn that pregnancy and birth to women over 40 can be dangerous both for the mother and child. Children born to older mothers can be subject to birth defects and other issues. Recently a Washington doctor spoke about the ethics involved in “allowing” an older woman to get pregnant. As if it were his decision. Regardless, there IS something that happens in a woman’s body that, the older she gets the more likely her body is to produce an inaccurate blueprint for cellular reproduction. On the other hand, men can father children as long as they can produce sperm. An erection is not even necessary. Where then, is it written that women can no longer produce babies after a certain age? Recently, a team of Research Scientists did some investigation on natural ways to reverse menopause. Here in a nutshell are the findings… To understand what’s happening in our bodies let’s dissect the information we know… What Is Menopause? As defined by the Council for Affiliated Menopause Societies, menopause is: The “permanent cessation of menstruation resulting from the loss of ovarian funicular activity,” a definition based on the function of a woman’s endocrine and reproductive systems. Contrary to popular use, the term menopause does not refer to the process of hormonal change that results in the end of menstruation and fertility. Rather, menopause is the permanent cessation of a woman’s menstrual period. The end result of the entire process. Menopause is the result of a series of complex changes in a woman’s reproductive function. On average, menopause occurs by the age of 51, though this varies widely and can be influenced by several factors. In the vast majority of cases, it occurs naturally, but there are other conditions under which menopause can be induced. Chemotherapy, surgery and radiation to name a few. The normal menstrual cycle depends upon a “conversation” between hormones produced in the brain and hormones produced in the ovaries. The pituitary gland in the brain sends out hormones to the ovaries that cause the release of a new egg from the ovarian follicles each month. The follicles also produce estrogen and progesterone-hormones that thicken the lining of the uterus that nourishes the fertilized egg. When this hormonal “conversation” wanes the result is shorter menstrual cycles, decreased ovulation, and diminished production of estrogen and progesterone, and menstrual irregularities. Eventually, the ovarian follicles fail to respond entirely, estrogen production decreases dramatically, and menopause-the end of fertility-ensues. The occurrence of menopause can be identified either by 12 consecutive months without menstruation or, in some cases, by a blood test for blood levels of follicle stimulating hormone. The “symptoms” for which menopause is known are actually part of peri-menopause, the transitional stage between pre-menopause and menopause. Fuels needed to keep the brain sharp also begin to diminish. A woman may experience more emotion, sadness or less energy because the seratonin levels, hormone levels or amino acid levels in her brain change to adjust to her body’s changing chemistry. As a woman ages, her ovaries also become less responsive to hormones produced in the brain. “But the question begs to be asked…is it her ovaries with the issue or is it her brain and body mineral chemistry?” A main concern in women over 40 becoming pregnant is that on a cellular level, a cell can reproduce it’s RNA and DNA only 500 times before the “blueprint” becomes a little “imperfect”. This blueprint is the “building framework” your body uses to distribute its organic and inorganic matter to become another human. The more the blueprint is reproduced it loses a little more perfection. Until, the “cellular blueprint” the cell uses to replicate becomes damaged and results in birth defects. Another major factor in peri and pre and menopause decline is osteoporosis. The World Health Organization defines osteoporosis in terms of low bone mineral density in relation to the average density found in young adults. A reduction of one standard deviation is considered ‘low bone mass’ (osteoporosis) and a reduction of 2.5 or more is considered to be ‘severe osteoporosis’. Osteoporosis affects an estimated 20-25 million Americans. This escalating figure supports the conclusion that osteoporosis is rapidly becoming an epidemic. Osteoporosis is defined as the marked loss of normal bone density or “porous bones”. The loss of bone mass is not limited to calcium loss alone but includes the collagen, protein, and mineral matrix. When you lose collagen and protein it shows in your skin with loss of firmness, lack of water retention and wrinkles. Osteoporosis consists of the loss of both organic and inorganic parts of the bone. What complicates this issue is that X-rays do not show any loss until a 20-30% bone loss has occurred. There’s that word again…minerals. Many women are advised to take Hormone Replacement Therapy to prevent post-menopausal bone loss, but this is not without risks. Potential side effects include a four-fold increased risk of breast cancer and triple the risk of cervical cancer. Calcium supplements are another commonly promulgated remedy, but this has been shown in clinical and epidemiological studies to be of very dubious value. Primarily because few if any of the Calcium supplements on the market contain ingredients needed to increase the Calcium absorption. According to Science you can take a cup of calcium and without the proper minerals for the absorption process your body will only retain and use two tablespoons of the cup. Natural ways recommended to deal with menopause include regular exercise, eating lots of grains and vegetables and more recently animal proteins. Although animal proteins are full of hormones themselves, the animals we eat are vegetarians. They eat green grass that grows out of the rocks and soil. There are lots of minerals in grains and vegetables as well! In his book, “Medicinal Herbal Therapy: A Pharmacist’s Viewpoint”, registered pharmacist Steven G. Ottariano says that certain vitamins and minerals can provide particular benefits to menopausal women. These include Vitamin E (400 to 800 IU daily) to help reduce hot flashes and night sweats; Calcium (1500 mg daily)–the best type of calcium is not calcium carbonate which may not be fully absorbed, but microcrystalline calcium hydroxyapatite calcium (MCHC) or calcium citrate; Magnesium (500 mg to 750 mg daily) is essential to help with the absorption of calcium; Vitamin C (1,000 mg to 2,000 mg daily) helps absorption of Vitamin E and decreases capillary fragility. Now, if we look at the mineral content of our bodies in relation to the Earth’s body: Simply stated, when the earth was created it was given a perfect balance of minerals. That balance of the soluble minerals is found in the fluids of the earth or the seas. This is the same basic balance of minerals we find in the fluids of the human body. When we get away from this balance, degenerative disease will begin to set in. Also, basic to the rejuvenating of good health is the restoration of mineral balance. A few interesting facts about seawater: 84 of the earth’s basic elements have been identified in seawater, 44 are considered to be the most common soluble minerals. Man is unable to make seawater from scratch. All the seas of the earth contain basically the same balance of minerals including Utah’s Great Salt Lake. Most of the minerals found in seawater are found in such small quantities that they are called Trace Minerals. In human nutrition some of these Trace Minerals are so important that they are labeled “Necessary for Life.” Others can be found in the human body but science has no yet determined what if anything these minerals do. Parts per million does not mean almost non-existent. For instance there is more gold in a ton of seawater than in a ton of good to average gold ore. The more our soils are tilled and exposes to weather the faster the soluble minerals are leached out and sent on their way to the sea. If the minerals are not available in the soil they will not be found in the plants. The mineral content in plants can vary as much as 200% (1,000% in specific minerals). General functions performed by soluble minerals: Ionized conductors of the body’s electrical current necessary for body functions.
  • Catalysts and activators of other nutrients.
  • Building blocks of enzymes, hormones and other natural body chemicals used by the body to perform specific functions.
  • Equalizing and balancing effects. body fluids, fluid pressures, and PH are balanced with minerals. Also, it is known that in the absence of certain trace minerals, certain heavy metals are more likely to accumulate. Trace minerals are often administered in hospitals as part of the treatment for such disorders as lead poisoning.
  • Digestion and assimilation — Minerals are essential — High amounts of chlorides are necessary for the body to make hydrochloric acid. Others are used in the assimilation process.
Specific mineral nutrients have many individual functions. I believe that many of these functions are yet to be discovered. Now lets look at the CHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF WATER by Prof. Charles B. Gibson of Chicago, Illinois Water temperature………………..87 degrees Total residue……………………….87.9995 Inorganic & non-volatile……….4.9160 Organic & volatile………………..8.050 Sulphate of sodium……………….8.824 Sulphate of potassium…………..3.331 Sulphate of calcium………………..16.290 Nitrate of magnesium……………0.150 Iron susqui-oxide………………….0.260 Alumina………………………………0.021 Silica…………………………………1.830 (The above numbers are probably in grains per gallon (x17.12 = ppm or mg/L), thus the total dissolved solids from the above would be: 87.9995 x 17.12 = 1506 ppm (mg/L). Look at the words fertile or fertility- what does it mean? “To produce plentifully”, fertile soil is enriched with nutrients and minerals from the earth. If the soil in a farm is over cultivated and the nutrients depleted it is said to be “barren” or simply, not fertile. So, If your diet is rich in organic grains and vegetables, clean animal proteins (no hormones or antibiotics injected or in feeds) and plenty of fresh pure un-fluoridated and non-chlorinated water flowing down steep clean, cold streams high in the Alps and you bathe in relaxing thermal mineral springs, you really have nothing to worry about- mineral wise and fertility wise- chances are you’ll be fertile well into your very old age! But who has a life like that? Chances are you are running from one stressful life event to another, eating fast food or food grown on depleted soil, drinking sodas instead of pure clean water, getting very little sleep and very little real exercise.  We stress about everyone and everything we love. We stress about the little things that eat us up as well! All that “living” is really one day going to be our demise!” If you haven’t figured it out the secret to Natural Menopause Reversal is the replacement of the minerals and other factors that are essential for the body to maintain health! And not the “colloidal minerals” they advertise. What’s needed is a much greater saturation than that. We’re talking about a whole body mineral replacement therapy. What one consumes in a drink or in a pill is not nearly enough. Simply because an average body needs more minerals and organic and inorganic matter than that! Remember, the skin is the main organ of elimination and assimilation. I got to thinking about this theory when a close friend in her 50s had stopped having her period about a year earlier. She was an overachieving professional that worked many hours often times seven days a week. Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed she went to a thermal spa in Europe for a two-week visit. After about a week of clean eating and good rest and daily thermal mineral soaks she experienced what she felt was a miracle- she started her period! Even after she returned to the U.S. she was still ovulating! We explored the possibilities of what could have been the cause of her re-starting her period. We determined that menopause is most probably caused by the body being depleted of essential vitamins, minerals, RNA and DNA resulting in the loss of the production of human growth hormone and a decline in bone density. We tried our theory out and did it ever work! Currently one of our customers is a 67-year-old woman that still has a period! Let me issue a caution, If you intend to bear healthy children you must boost your RNA and DNA production because they are essential to a solid cellular framework. Remember the “blueprint”? Most importantly you must up your Human Growth Hormone levels as well. The controversy with Human Growth Hormone or HGH is that if the levels are too high it can cause complications. So taking HGH injections at $10,000 each is not only costly but also dangerous. Every one of us has our own particular levels of HGH and other growth nutrients-who knows how much in an injection is too much for you? Optimum circumstances are that your body produces it’s own HGH and RNA/DNA. Today on the marketplace there are these homeopathic catalysts available. By removing the toxic waste from cells and interstitial tissue in the body and restoring the original minerals, vitamins and nutrients the body lost in aging it is not only probable but possible to reverse menopause and restore fertility. Overall, it is of paramount importance to keep the body clean and free of toxins when you are pregnant. To keep the body in top shape before, during and after your pregnancy- you need to keep active, eat fresh healthy foods, organic fruits and vegetables and range fed animal proteins. And plenty of clean pure water! Monthly mineral saturated body wraps saturate the skin and internal organs in the minerals and nutrients that are “Essential for Life”, as we read before. A catalyst supplement for RNA/DNA production and a HGH activator are also necessary for a healthy pregnancy and baby. Using these items with a highly absorbing multi vitamin keeps cellular reproduction perfect by the body’s own unique standards. What did these women do that restored their fertility? Minimized the toxins in their bodies by saturating their bodies inside and outside with minerals and nutrients that are “Essential for Life”. Started eating better. Exercising regularly. Endeavored each day to be positive. Began to honor her body’s sleep cycle. Began taking a clean homeopathic RNA/DNA stimulator Began taking a product to promote Human Growth Hormone production by the body. When they could no longer steep in a mineral spring they began receiving monthly mineral replacing body wraps A doctor prescribed NONE of these things because they are all things that are just common sense! This method is inexpensive and works! Not only that, but also this plan contributes to overall good health in the body!
Natural Menopause Reversal