In the life by Dr. Zak Kouloughi

In the life By Dr Zak Kouloughi

Yesterday a female client from Dallas, let’s call her Mary, who is sixty years old, called me up, concerned about her well-being and that of her husband due to the recent pandemic; but also complaining I never personally called her to inform her of additional measures she and her husband needed to observe to stay safe during Covid19. 

I thought perhaps she just wanted someone to reassure her everything will be alright and perhaps to recommend some sort of concoction she could take to feel more reassured.

I was about to make a general statement which is that anyone with 4.5 milligrams of vitamin C per gram of blood will not contract any type of disease, but remembered when I tested the couple few months back, I found both of their chemistry to be highly acidic, so I worried they would both load up on vitamin C, which could hurt them, and worse, without never benefiting from it, since there are optimal conditions for vitamin C to be absorbed by the body, which most doctors are not aware of.

Last December of 2019, during a convention, Mary stopped by the company booth as she took interest in the non-invasive testing techniques I was promoting. 

After patiently answering her many questions, she decided to get tested and convinced her husband to do the same. 

Once I had the test results; and as I was about to discuss the results with her, she cut me off saying: “please give me any recommendation you wish but don’t ask me to stop eating bread because I won’t stop. 

After all how and where do you want me to spread the cheese and butter during breakfast?”  

In my few years of practice, I learned that the most difficult thing for people to do is to change their eating habits. 

People are used to health through the magic pill, eat everything they want but don’t forget the blue pill after each meal. Sounds convenient! 

That reminded me of Einstein quote “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”

Bread was not my primary concern. My worry was her chemistry pattern, it was alarming. 
The test performed with saliva and urine sample only, revealed she was feeling tired all the time; get easily irate, her ability to focus was poor; sometimes feeling dizzy. 
Her food was not being digested properly, which caused her to feel hungry frequently. 
Her diet was too limited and had cholesterol in her arteries and veins. She has calcium deficiency and her body was not absorbing major minerals and vitamins such as C and D. Knowing she would have cardiovascular issues, I inquired about her heart status, she informed she had a couple of cardiovascular surgeries done, I call it “plumbing work.” 
Overall, she was not in good shape.  
While she was making the case for bread, I was trying to find a softer way to explain to her that my analysis showed if her chemistry pattern continued, she would be candidate not only for a second heart attack but also a brain tumor due to the lack of potassium in the brain.

Women must understand that biologically speaking, they function a little differently than men. 

 A woman during child bearing years uses up to seven times more calcium than men.   

Is calcium that important?

 Calcium is the most prevalent mineral in the body; it is so important that a deficiency in calcium causes a deficiency in the rest of the elements regardless whether they are minerals, vitamins or enzymes.
So, back to my earlier statement; 4.5mg of vitamin C per gram of blood can only be achieved if the calcium level in the body is perfect, and for calcium to be perfect the liver has to function properly. 

So to be healthy, women and men alike should feed their liver the best they could.  In terms of priorities, for me, a liver is more important than the heart, because we cannot have a heart problem if the liver is functioning perfectly, unless someone has an accident.

 For the liver to remain healthy, it must have adequate supply of the following: Water, oxygen, calcium, iodine, iron, and vitamin A.

You may say: ”water is a given. Everybody is taking water. What is the big deal?” 
The big deal is if the body does not have adequate supply of water, then problems will arise. 
Actually, it is the urine/saliva  test that tells me whether a client is taking adequate supply of water or not.  
Not consuming adequate amount of water causes the system no to flush the toxins properly. Such accumulation of toxins get deposited into the blood stream causing the blood to become dirty, the colon to become plugged-up, unable to function properly; the kidneys to get congested and to malfunction, which causes pressure on the skin, which tries to play third kidney and dispose of the toxins, which causes skin problems, such as rushes, even or allergies, etc.
So for today, the items to retain are that
– calcium is the most important mineral in the body, and that
– the liver is the most important organ after the brain, and
– water is the number one element to pay attention to when you want to have a healthy body.

In the next article, Dr. Zak will elaborate on the role and benefits of the remaining elements.

Zakaria Kouloughli, known as Dr. Zak, is a Doctor of Naturopathy, specialized in Bio-Electric Quantum Health.  He is currently President and CEO of Zach Laboratories Inc, a company which markets “Test & Correct,” home analytical instruments to help the health-conscious correct their chemistry through diet and supplements, from the comfort of their homes, so they can enjoy a disease free life.

Dr Zak Kouloughi


In the life by Dr. Zak Kouloughi