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Be A Golden Girl

Want to see YOURSELF as a Golden Girl? Are you fun, fit and ready to be creative? 
Email us your height and dress and pant size period remember to give us your phone number email and what city and state you’re in! 
We’re planning our next big shoot now!!

Alzheimer and Parkinson

Would you consider CBD for neurodegenerative diseases? Introduction and Statistics of each disease •Both Alzheimers (AD) and Parkinsons (PD) are Neurodegenerative diseases •Cognitive decline is common in both AD and...

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Mind Craft

America is Changing Daily

America is Changing Daily Is it time to revise the US CONSTITUTION? The New Revised US ConstitutionWhile the technology changes day to day, the laws of the land have yet to keep up with therapid pace of change the Internet and connected devices bring into the mix of daily life.Not...

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A Layperson’s Guide To

A Layperson’s Guide To God, The True Origin of Life And The True Purpose for Your Existence on this Planet (Sacred lessons of how to operate in an unknown universe.) Hi! I’m Kathryn Mullen I know that means nothing to you. Actually, for a while it meant very little to me After 25 years in […]

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Fashion Now

Every Firework Begins With One Spark

Every Firework Begins With One Spark Be That Spark! Last New Years Eve while out with friends I was amazed by how many women were wearing beautiful glittering sequins!Blue sequins! Red sequins! Silver sequins! Multicolored sequins!… in the dark of the dinner club, the sequins look like fireworks! In the traditional...

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Mature Beauty

Aging Reversal is Reality!

Aging Reversal is a Reality! I am qualified to write to you about aging, as I will turn 85 this year. I also have a degree in Biological Science, earned with life experience. I have been inventing things for the last 75 years. I’m best known for my aging reversal,inch reducing, sculpturing...

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Daily Articles

The New Green

As of the date of this writing, some elements may already be accomplished or in the process of being accomplished and not yet revealed. Following are immediate improvements that can...

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Natural Menopause Reversal

In the not too distant past the average age of the first time bride was 22 years old. Generally, her first birth was about age 24. Today many brides are...

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In the life

In the life By Dr Zak Kouloughi Yesterday a female client from Dallas, let’s call her Mary, who is sixty years old, called me up, concerned about her well-being and...

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Always wanted to be a fashion model?

Would you like to see yourself in the pictures in our Ezine? Simply email us your picture in form fitting clothes with a close-up of your face as well. Include your height and clothing sizes as well as your geographic location in the United States! We may be coming through your town soon!
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